Thursday, 8 July 2010

Awww sod it!

I'm not doing much crafting this week and what I am doing I can't show, so I am going to show you the above just to keep the old bloggeroo ticking along. This is the LO that I did for Scrapbook Inspirations Ideas Book 2, technically I'm not allowed to share this just yet but seeing as the magazine has once again folded (damn you recession) I don't think that they are going to get their knickers in too much of a twist! Its hard to see from the photo but the patterned paper is behind the kraft and not on top - you should see the back of this Layout, it is shocking!! Its nice and textured though and looks very effective IRL.

Today was my first 25 min run, I did it, it nearly killed me but I carried on moving my legs and I managed it. I've been so busy though today that I have not really recovered from it. I got back from the run and then walked the dog (back up to the damn field that I just spent 25 minutes running in!), tidied my house and then *big breath* sorted out the laundry cupboard and that took 2 hours of hard physical slog. Finished just in time to do the supermarket shop and now consequently I am knacked! Massively massively knacked and sod it, I think I may have a nice glass of rose tonight, if I don't fall asleep first!

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