Monday, 19 July 2010

Scrapping under the Influence

I should be very ashamed of myself (but I'm not!) Today I was just settling down to a bit of crafting, after doing all the housework and sorting some of the bedroom mess up upstairs (we are awaiting new bedroom furiture and its all a tip at the mo) when I got an email off a mate. Basically she was having a sickie after being a bit fed up at work and wondered if I wanted a lunchtime drink.

Me? Drinks at lunchtime? Yes please!!! So off we trotted to our favourite pub the ship for a cheeky glass of vino (which turned into a bottle each -oops). At chucking out time I was glad to go as I could see a colony of flying ants appearing from a patio crack, and if you read my blog you know that I am PHOBIC of the buggers. I rang Jason to pick me up and he said that he had seen the flying ants whilst picking up Jess from school and was already on the way to the pub - he was going to bustle me into the car apparently and then tell me of his ant spotting so I didn't panic (isn't he lovely?)

So although I am a bottle of wine for the worse I feel quite alright, and for the first time ever under the influence fancied a bit of scrapping, so I did! Here is he result - not bad eh? (although I may wake up tomorrow and regret it lol) This was my quickest lo ever at 30 mins! maybe I should always scrap 3 sheets? Ok maybe not!

Yesterday we took Bruno on a long walk by the river, at one point we wanted to cross and Bruno flatly refused to walk along the lock plank and had to be carried! So cute! The little 'song' on the journaling tag is from the musical 'annie' and I sing it to him all the time! (the dog not Jason!)

We booked a holiday over the weekend. 7 nights at Haven Devon Cliffs in a lovely caravan (we booked privately through a private owner, so we know what we are getting) I am so excited, I love holidaying with the sproggies, they appreciate it so much and its always so relaxed and I enjoy treating them and 'never saying no' If we get nice weather it will be so relaxed, its apparently a huge site and I envisage afternoons at the outside pool sipping rose whilst the kids splash about - heaven!


  1. Emma I love that. That's a prize winning LO my dear. Poppy is funny about walking over a bridge in Charmouth, Dorset. Odd eh?!!
    Glad you booked a holiday, sounds like the perfect getaway : )
    Off for a glass of wine now...minus the ants x

  2. Love that story and your page looks fab alcohol or no alcohol LOL
    I don't drink but am sure if I did I would have more on the floor than the page!
    Tracee x


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