Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Learning how to use Print and Cut (and other stories)

Hiya everyone - not blogged since Saturday - shocking work!

I think most people know that the Craft Robo is an electronic die cutter that plugs into your PC/Laptop and will cut out any number of shapes, files and any true type font or dingbat you want to chuck at it. It has another feature where you can print something out (via the software) and then get the Robo to cut it out for you. When I got the Robo last Feb I tried that and it didn't really work for me so I never tried again as I wasn't fussed with that anyway.

Recently I have seen some cracking Print and Cut files and was feeling like I was missing out a bit on my Robo's capabilities, so today I had another crack at it and the above pic is the results - I can do it! Hooraarrrrr !!! Love those ornate frames, they are more detailed looking IRL and of course as with anything on the Robo I can cut it any size up to A4.

Of course what I am supposed to be doing this morning is working on 'project: Get this house in some sort of order' but when the crafty bug comes a calling what you gonna do?

My rare Saturday night in was a major fail - we went out! Mark asked to keep the kids another night as they were at the seaside and didn't want to rush home, so with that decided it seemed a shame to waste the opportunity and with a bit of good news on the 'how much tax we have to pay this year' front, Jason was keen to celebrate, so we had a meal out and then the usual but always great, drinks with friends.

I was very anxious about my running program this week, was absolutley convinced that my legs would not remember what to do, was so sure that they would just start screaming "What the hell are you trying to do woman" at me. Went for a run yesterday morning very apprehensive but I managed it, it was 2x10 min runs with a 3 min walk in between. Now all the intervals have ended my next 4 runs are 25 mins no stop runs, then 3 runs of 28 mins and then 3 runs of 30 min runs. Its amazing to think that when I started this just before my wedding I was puffed out after a minute or two! When I get to 30 mins I SHOULD be close to or on the 5k mark, my pace is not to shabby so I should get there! Now I don't have to listen to the podcasts anymore, as much as I LOVE what they have done for me, Mr Ulrey is rather fond of techno thump thump music which bores the bum of me! My own music will be bliss!

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  1. Great news on the running Emma, well done! I really must get my butt into gear but after cycling home I really can't be bothered to run as well!!


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