Tuesday, 1 June 2010

My Wedding Report


We had a lovely day, and at 5pm met up with friends to decorate our evening venue, we had loads of balloons to pump up and it was taking forever and then one very clever friend bought in a electric pump and then we stormed through them. Quite a lot of the balloons were a bit weak and we had several that just blew up in our faces. I was convinced we were going to walk in on Saturday night and they were all going to be popped!

We had a drink or two in the pub and then all the girls came back to mine, where we had pizza and wine and played on the Wii. It was extremely loud! Of course everyone got drunk and then couldn't control their miis but of course it was the Wii's fault and not theirs - it really was such a laugh!

I went to bed at 11.30pm, and I only had about half a bottle of wine so I felt fine. Unfortunately I had an awful night, chronic indigestion and tummy problems meant I only had 3 hours sleep.

I was up at 5.30am and I really did feel very poorly, I struggled through though and had my hair cut at 9am, back to mine for bacon sandwiches (I managed barely half of mine). At 11.30am I did my make up and put on my dress, I decided to try a glass of bucks fizz and with that and the growing excitement I started to buck up a little and feel better.
My parents had a very hard time with traffic on the motorway and subsequently only just made it to mine on time to pick up the kids, and then we really did have to leave in a rush. I got in my car (Alans lovely Mercedes that was all ribboned up) and off we went.

We got to Bristol a bit on the early side, so we parked up for a bit to let Jason get to the registry office before me, as it was as we drew up I saw him outside, so had to duck down and we drove round the block.

So we did all the the interviewy bits seperately before the cermoney, there was one very officious usher type man there, who managed to get the backs up of quite a lot of my guests, but I was determined not to get cross with him, so I kept beaming at him, he was not impressed with that I don't think (must have been having a bad day, poor love!)

Then it was time to walk in with my dad - very scary and I was a bit shakey, the room was much bigger and grander than I was expecting. Jason was obviously very nervous, but we both managed to say our vows calmly and clearly. Then we were married - yay!!! Jason then asks me if I recognise his suit, apparently at 10.15 am he was moving his shirt about and noticed that his suit had holes all down one arm - he had to go out and buy a new suit that very morning, Jason is a short arse too, so its not always and easy task! He had had a very frantic morning

We got back in the car where Nicky had provided fizz for us, so we had some sparkly stuff to drink on the way to the pub. At this point it was absolutely SHEETING it down (we were not lucky with the weather!) we got to The Ship and there was no way I could have got from the car to the door without serious wettage of dress. Fortunalty we had been seen and someone came out with a huge golfing umbrella and escorted us in.

The reception was lovely and informal, great food (not that I ate much) I really enjoyed just mingling about. The landlord Bob came out at one point and played he guitar for us, lots of different stuff but at one point we were all singing along to "I've got a brand new combine harvester" which I thought was ace!!

We moved on to the evening do, where to my relief the balloons were mostly still intact. We met our DJ bloke who did us proud all evening, we gave him a basic brief and I loved pretty much all of what he played. Took a while for people to arrive in the evening, but eventually we were packed out and the dance floor was full, and thats the main thing. I sang a duet with the DJ (he is mad in to Karokee and if I hadn't of volunteered I would have been forced) That was ok I suppose!

We left the venue at midnight for the 2 min walk across the road to the hotel, where we had a cup of tea and opened our cards. NEVER open your cards drunk, there were way more than I expected and it took us forever to work out who gave us what the next day!!!!!

I absolutely LOVED my wedding, it was us down to a T, informal, relaxed and so much fun!

I don't have a lot of photos at the mo unfortuntatley, only what people took on my camera as we are waiting for other guests to send us theirs!


  1. congratulations, sounds like a fantastic day.

  2. Sounds like you had a fabulous day!

  3. You looked lovely Emma, glad the day went well and just as you planned it xx

  4. You looked stunning, glad it all went according to your plans. xxx

  5. Congratulations! You look totally stunning and looks like a great day xx

  6. Oh Emma you looked so lovely in your dress and it sounds like such a happy day despite the weather! Congratulations xx

  7. Congratulations.
    Glad the hitches you had didn't spoil it for you.

  8. Congratulations, I'm glad the weather didn't spoil it for you. :)

  9. Beautiful pics of you there, sounds like the perfect relaxed day.Glad all went well for you. Looking forward to seeing more piccies x

  10. Finally got around to reading this properly. I whisked through quickly when you posted the pics as I was dying to see your frock : )
    Glad the day went so well. I thought about you both loads. Lots of love xxx

  11. I've gone all goosepimply... I'm a sucker for a love story... congratulations Emma! x

  12. You look absolutely gorgeous Emma! My SIL also went for a simple, family affair wedding too and it was just fabulous! You look like you had a great time! Congrats!


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