Friday, 28 May 2010

Signing off - over and out

Hiya all

(that sounded a bit American!)

Well I am saying goodbye for a few days. We have had a busy day, asda this morning to buy wine, pizza, presents for the kids and flowers. I decided to make my own posy and buttonholes, practiced the posy last week and was quite pleased with the result, however today was a no go, just cannot get anything that doesn't look stupid - so no flowers - ah well!

Jason treated me to lunch in the pub, I have had such a restrictive diet over recent weeks that I could hardly eat it!

In about an hour, we are off to meet family and friends and we have about 150 balloons and some banners to assemble and put up in our evening venue (might put up a little photo of that later if I remember!). Then the girls are back to mine for wine and pizza.

So signing of as Mrs Dexter (thank the lord) and will be back on Monday all shiney and new as Mrs Bryan!!! Woohoo

Have a good weekend folks xx


  1. Oh Emma, you must be so excited - I hope it all goes well for you and this lovely weather holds out. Can't wait to see the pics of you in that gorgeous dress. Hugs xxx

  2. oooo so exciting, i hope it all goes well - congratulations in advance!!!

  3. Hope you have a fantastic day! x Tracee

  4. You had your day and I hope it went well! Welcome to a brand new day as Mrs Bryan! :)

  5. Hello Mrs.Bryan! May the future bring you lots of happiness. Marie x


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