Friday, 18 June 2010

For you

Another weekend, another sleepover for Jessica, this one is tonight, and this morning I realised that I needed to make a card. Thought I would try this one, its actually a Craft Robo file (minus the button and the lettering) Lovely though it is its taken forever, just because of all the colour changes etc - still I think its very effective.

Today I did my Week 4 first run, its really picking up the pace now, and this is the first time I was worried it would be too much for me. However I am beyond chuffed that I managed it! two 3 minute runs and two 5 min runs. I am getting FIT!

I've been hounded all week by a company asking for someone else on the phone, first few times I just said sorry wrong number, last 2 times I asked for my number to be removed from the database, cue call today, when yet again I said please take me off your database and then I added an second emphatic please. I was then told off for shouting ???? Shouting???? I just said it emphatically, pleading almost, frustrated yes but shouting no, in no way did I raise my voice or even sound stroppy (and I do a good stroppy when its needed) So I ended up in a row with the bloke who was amazingly rude, it ended with me saying " hang on a minute, you phoned me, i've done nothing wrong" and then I admit I swore at him and hung up. Luckily when I had calmed down I did 1471 and hurrah I had their number. I phoned them back and long story short, my number is now off the database and the manager was v concerned about my run in and is going to trace the call and talk to the person in question ( I am all for fair play and admitted that I swore at him before hanging up)

I know I rant a bit on this blog, you've no need to read them, it just gets it off my chest and stops me paying it forward!!!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.


  1. Emma, I love your rants : )
    I'm so envious of how you use your craft robo. I want to use mine like you do, mine is only good for collecting dust : (
    Love all your LO's this week xxx

  2. I love your rants too - they make me smile. Great card, I'm a bit like Lisa, my Cricut doesn't get used as it should.

  3. Gorgeous card and more so, done on a Craft Robo. You certainly know how to make good use of that machine. Had a laugh at your rant... yeah, it's irritating when you get such calls. Good for you for holding your ground. Are you using an app for your runs? I found one for beginners and was wondering whether to get or not. Let me know!


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