Sunday, 20 June 2010

Happy Blog Aversary to ME!

So despite knowing it was coming up and wanting to do a 'I have been blogging for a year' post, I missed it, it was yesterday! Pah. I remembered at 12.03 this morning!

So I have seen others doing a giveaway on such occasions and I have one too, but its for ALL of you, not just one lucky reader.

It the gift of THE CURE OF HICCUPS I kid you not.

Last night I was in the pub and it was last orders and I could not stop hiccuping, comedy Emma again providing the amusements, Jason went to get me a glass of water and the landlord Bob said he knew the cure for hiccups (every one reckons they do don't they?) So with no real hope or enthusiasm I trotted up to the bar. Here is the cure:

1. With your right hand grip the hiccupers right hand, ring finger firmly with your thumb and index finger. Hold for 60 secs approx - you should have a firm but not tight grip, with a very slight pull on the finger.

2. Hiccups GONE!

It was amazing actually, I could not believe that it worked but it did. Try it yourself next time you have a hiccuper and see if it works (I know it could have been a coincendence)

Also I wanted to show you this pic from the wedding, I was moaning last week about not having a photo that I loved and then my sister sent me this one and I LOVE it

1 comment:

  1. Good tip for curing hiccups! That is one lovely photo... no doubt I assume will appear in a LO soon?


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