Thursday, 10 June 2010

Love is in the air

A busy kind of day for me today, first up running at 6.30am, where I moved on to week 3, except I wasn't concentrating and actually started to do week 4 instead, that was interesting lol. Switched my podcasts around and I was soon on my way, it was challenging but I did it, no stops and a nice steady pace, pleased with that.

Then onto the bank to change my name, I "popped" into do that last Friday but was told I needed an appointment, so along I trotted this morning "hello" says nice lady "your here to upgrade your account" "no" says I "I'm here to change the name on my account". Nice lady then asks me if I am pushed for time as she has me booked in for an HOUR, "an hour? to change my name" no thanks!!! Apparently I was booked in for the hard sell, I explained that I had no interest in any other service, and no interest in hearing about any other service, nice lady was nice and said fair enough, lets get the name changed and "you could have just popped in to do that" AAAArrghhhhhh!!!!!

I've done this LO today, the obligatory confetti shot from the wedding. I am not very pleased with any of the shots of the wedding, there is no nice one of me at all, all those months spent dieting and I still look fat, I didn't feel fat on the actual day, but I have photographed appallingly! Ah well.
Tonight I have a WI committee meeting, I am so not up for it, I have a headache over one eye and just want to stay in, in my PJ's and watch the telly and then go to bed, I've taken a paracetamol so hopefully the headache will go and then I can enjoy a nice glass of wine whilst we get down to business


  1. Stunning layout, I love the colour choice. Hope your headache goes soon :)

  2. I've admired your work for a while now, gorgeous layouts. You looked lovely on your wedding day, and certainly don't look fat to me.


  3. That is such a beautiful shot of you and your hubs! Honestly, you don't look fat! I'm surprised the bank would try and sell you stuff but then, any opportunity, they would! Gorgeous LO by the way!

  4. I thought you looked beautiful on your wedding day and the last thing that would have entered my mind was that you looked fat.
    Why is everywhere you go these days they aren't interested in what you have to say just what they can sell you!
    Pretty colours in your LO


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