Thursday, 24 June 2010

Stand Tall

I started this one yesterday, I found it very therapeutic scrapping yesterday! Thank god for paper, scissors and sticky tape!

I've used the Bella Boulevard 'All Inclusive' range which I LOVE! They are so my colours, I love scrapping in orange, blue and lime green! Robo Resolution is acheived with this one, the blue paper that the word 'tall' stands on was cut on the Robo. I'm finding that making sure I have my laptop in the room and plugged in is half the battle with using the Robo more.

Its going to be and has been a hot few days, my kitchen is like a furnace late afternoon/all evening, so I have to get my crafting and all my evening cooking prep done before 3pm or its just unbearable at the moment!

Major chaos this morning, Joe and Jess were arguing about who was sitting where on the sofa (jesus christ!) and generally bashing each other with the cushions, so of course I tell them to knock it off. Jess decides to shake her fist at Joe, Joe takes offense, grabs her fist and shoves it back at her.... right into her nose! Massive shriek (I nearly dropped my tea!) and then.... the blood, of course my first reaction was "shit, I don't have another school blouse clean, she cannot get blood on it" Poor love though, it really did bleed. Joe of course was just saying "it wasn't my fault" over and over, which helped the situation no end.

And on a final note, my complimentary copy of The Scrapbook Magazine just landed on my doorstep, I am in it on page 44 - I've not put this Layout on my blog yet as I have lost my photo and TSM still have the layout. I also have a Layout in Scrapbook Inspirations Ideas Book 2 and was hoping that I would get a comp copy of that (as seems to be the norm) but nothing yet, which is a shame cos its expensive and I will now have to buy it as I really do rate SI. So now I am off to read through it and then I think more scrapping before it gets too hot!

Have a good one every body!


  1. Oh Dear, poor Jess : (
    Love your LO. Please can I have lessons on the robo off you?

  2. Great layout, lovely colour combo and I love the bits you've been doing with the Robo recently :)

  3. Beautiful LO.... nice, clean, crisp colours! Kids fighting.... I get that all the time and it irritates me to no end especially when the weather is hot and all you want is peace & quiet, not background noise!


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