Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Iguana Wana

Just one I made of my hen night (well day really, we were still compos mentis at this moment, which didn't last too much longer!!)

I used the lily Bee Hello Sunshine papers for this, I wanted it to have a festival feel to it.

Today I completed Week 4 on my running program. You're not supposed to run 2 days in a row as you're supposed to give your muscles time to recover, but I have a busy week and it was the only time I could fit it in. The run was FANTASTIC, I am still on a buzz from it even now! One of the run intervals was tough but on the final 5 minute run, we decided to head home and run on the roads, it was ACE, its slightly downhill and I was going so fast I felt like I was flying, I couldn't have stopped if I wanted to - not sure I was totally in control! So I start Week 5 on Friday morning and I think that includes an 8 minute run *gulp* Its also given me sooo much energy, I had our evening meal prepped and in the fridge by 9.15am!!

Tonight I have the launch party for the new WI (next generation) in Keynsham, its a bit nerve wracking and we are hoping we get a good show, we have 3 speakers coming, a kickboxing demonstation, a laughter workshop and an image consultant. Its in our local winebar, so if its a washout we can at least drown our sorrows!

Ooo and yesterday I cut off all of Jessicas hair, its just below chin length now - photos to follow.


  1. Loving the bright colours. Such a happy LO : )

  2. Beautiful layout, so nice and bright! :)


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