Friday, 25 June 2010

Arrrghhhh if I ever meet bloody Robert I am gonna bash his brains in!

Robert doesn't live here

Robert can't have lived here for at least 10 years

Robert has used this number to apply for a loan

Roberts details have been passed on to a gazillion loan companies

Every day I get at least (and possibly up to 4) calls for Robert

I have asked so many companies to take my number off their system.

How many more companies can there possibly be!

Robert doesn't seem to have a surname


  1. Bloody Robert has a bloody surname in this house Emma. Robert bloody Pattinson!!!
    I can not hear his name anymore. Teen crushes!!!
    I'm sure I wasn't that bad about George Michael. I feel your 'Robert' pain xxx

  2. Oh dear, that is bad! I can't believe you can use any one's number to apply for loans! Seriously, isn't there a proper check? Hope it gets sorted out.

  3. I know Audrey its a blummin nightmare!!! But in a newsflash I have found out that his surname name is Sanders, so thats kinda exciting!!


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