Sunday, 27 June 2010

One wear whites

Evening all!

I've had the usual busy hectic social weekend, we were in the pub today to watch Englands dismal defeat at the hands of Germany. During half-time a friend got the news that his dad had passed away, its amazing the sense of perspective that gave a few people.

Nicky, Alan and I downloaded Vuvuzleas (or whatever you call them) apps to our phones and were generally annoying people by buzzing in their ears!

This LO I started probably over a month ago, but I didn't like how it was going, so I put it in a box and totally forgot about it, whilst hunting through some stash on friday I found it and was guilted in to finishing it. It documents the fact that I bought Jessica some gorgeous white trousers and she look beautiful in them, thank god I only paid 3 squid for then because she totally trashed them on their first outing!! I used paint for this lo and lots of black pen. Robo Resolution is acheived in the word 'white' and in the 2 birds.

Now I am off to bed with a book, Jason has just gone to the pub on his own which he rarely does and I am going to at last catch up with some reading, will be lovely chilling with the fan going.

Hope you have all had lovely relaxing weekends too!

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