Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A bit of this a bit of that

Today started at 6.15am with my alarm and me in a general foul temper. I started my running regime again this morning since the wedding. I DID not want to go out this morning, but I knew I had to. I could not get my contact lenses in, they just kept popping out, there are better things to be doing that early in the morning then being down on your hands and knees looking for something that you couldn't see anyway!

The run was actually good, I was repeating week 2 after my break, but I found it much easier then the first time round, so I am moving on the week 3 tomorrow after all - I think this means running for 3 mins at a time - doesn't sound hard does it? Believe me it will be!

Its Jessicas 10th Birthday today, so we got home to Jess waiting to go in the living room and get her presents. We got her a lot of Zhu Zhu pet stuff (its really quite cute) she got lots of bits and pieces and a fair bit of money from various people as well.

Jess was a bit hot and headachey this morning so I let her stay at home, it was a good decision as she has been headachey off and on all day, and although she is generally all right, I think it would have been horrible for her feeling under the weather at school on her birthday. Here she is with 10 on her fingers (love this that I have seen on a lot of Scrapbook Pages recently - something I have been wanting to try)

And finally even though running made me go on a major go slow this morning, this afternoon I made this - my first ever wedding page, that features my new husband and the story of his suit!


  1. Is this the first of many wedding LO's Emma?
    The story is sweet. Happy Birthday to Jess. I thought she was older. She's so tall. I may just have to steal that idea with the thickers next month when Hollie turns 11. xx

  2. Emma, I read about the pod casts a while back on your blog, well tomorrow I start week 3 . I certainly can't say it's been easy but I've stuck with it so far. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences of using it, it was just the motivation I needed.

  3. What a lovely LO to record those little extra stories about your wedding day - love those thickers that you've used! xx

  4. Now I luv how she used the Thickers. Now to see a wedding LO here.


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