Tuesday, 15 June 2010


*insert usual card making moan here*

So this is one that I made for Jason, he has had a few pointed moans about how he never gets acknowledged on Fathers Day - so this year I made him this, and he had better bloody like it cos it took FOREVER. The letters were cut on the Robo and then outlined by hand (no mean feat when the letters are that small) and then 3d foamed onto the card (again a fiddly job!) and then glossy accented. The sun and the clouds are cut by hand and the grass border is cut again on the Robo.

I have resolved to use my Robo more, I subscribed to a monthly Silhouette download thingy where I can download $50 worth of cutting files each month for $19.99, they have some VERY cute files and I spent my $50 straight off and now I have to wait for next month for some more. Bargain though the sub is it still means that in the next year I will be spending approx 150 squid (can you tell I have lost my pound sign, I know its alt and some numbers but I can't remember which) and if I don't use the robo more then thats A LOT of money on nothing!

And then I made this for my dad, this was quite a quick and easy one, I was gonna hand stitch that border but my dad would so not appreciate that (he wouldn't even notice it bless him!), and so whats the point? Whenever I make cards for the men in my family (with the exception of Jason) I do wonder why I bother, cos really they do not 'get' card making. Still you have to make the effort!

Where is this warm weather I was promised this week? I nearly froze picking up Jess from school, wish I had had my cardi!

I was going to put in some observations on the builders that are working on a house across the road here, but I think I will save that for another day as I really must get of this laptop!

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