Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Robo Resolve - Day 2

Today I have managed a LO without ANY patterened paper (not so good when you have so much) but I have used my Robo loads, all the sea critters, the palm tree and the bubbles were cut out on the Robo - it is time consuming though and took a while to find the files I needed, the right card to cut them on etc. I've been working on this for about 4 hours or so. It almost looks digital to me, but its deffo a paper lo, even if I had a lot of techno help to make it!

I finished Week 3 on my running program today, and so on Friday I go on to Week 4, its quite a big hike in running when I start that and I will have to run for 3 mins, walk, 5 mins, walk, 3 mins, walk, 5 mins, walk. So far my longest runs are 3 mins with 90 second runs for the other ones, so this will be a mega challenge for me! Still bring it on!

The good news is that today I haven't eaten everything in sight, I have stuck to my low fat, low starchy carb diet and I feel SOOOOO much better for it, I would rather take mild occasional (true) hunger over crashing sugar lows and uncomfortable bloating and raging (false) hunger anyday, so why oh why do I keep falling off the rails, I know it makes me feel like crap yet sugar and fat tastes soooo good!

Tonight I am off to our final organisational meeting in the wine bar for nexts weeks WI Next Generation Launch. Its a new kind of WI for 30-40 something women, we will be doing traditional things (speakers on all manner of subjects) but with a trendier, younger outlook. If you live anywhere near Keynsham (and you can be younger or older than the ages I specified) then please feel free to pop along and have a nosey! Or email me for more info! I am looking forward to a glass of vino or two and a good natter tonight.


  1. What a great LO Emma - looks fabby and the simple shapes are so effective. Definitely a less is more winner! xxx

  2. Sure does look like a digi LO but it's a very lovely LO.


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