Thursday, 28 October 2010

Cold Comfort

I really had the urge to create today, really itching to make something and so once it became clear that the kids were happily occupied and not about to disturb me, I moved into the kitchen that houses my scrappy corner and got to it, I say got to it but that involves making the kitchen warm first as its a cold room and I cannot function in cold!

This is mainly made with the Craft Robo (ghost, title, pumpkins and border) Its not one that I am massively thrilled with but at least I got in a couple of hours of glue and paper and thats what its all about.

I have to say that after a few days stuck in with the kids and nothing but a dog walk to break the day up, I am REALLY looking forward to the weekend, heck I've got so much cabin fever I am looking forward to going to Asda tomorrow - someone shoot me now I am obviously going nuts cos I HATE that place!


  1. Hiya Emma.
    That's one cool pumpkin!!!

  2. I need some of your Robo enthusiasm to rub off on me, mine is rapidly growing a thick layer of dust! Have fun at Asda!!


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