Thursday, 21 October 2010

A message to a mouse and other stories

First off to the mouse: Quit it now, you're boring me!

Yesterday I had my first ever purge of my scrapping supplies. I am always tidying and reorganising my space, I think a lot of scrapaholics are also shopaholics and so since I started scapping 'proper' in March 2009 (when I first learnt that there were other companies other than papermania) I have amassed a huge amount of stash so I am always having to rethink what gets stored where.

Yesterday I decided to get rid of lots of things that I rarely use, some into the loft and some into the bin. It was great as I even managed to clear a cuboard which mean that all the tupperware that I have recently bought (thats the aforementioned mouses fault) can be put away and the whole kitchen now looks so much tidier.

Of course a tidy scrap area screams to be used and so today I yet again used my new Scrapagogo kit to make a LO, this kit is amazingly versatile, I've used it for a wedding LO and a Halloween LO. I cut the spider web and the bat stand on my robo, I have learnt to slow the cut speed down for these intricate cuts and it seems to make a cleaner less likely to break cut.

And one little moan, I am hating the winter light, its so hard in these months to get a decent photo of my layouts, this looks a little warmer in hues in real life although it is a dark LO

1 comment:

  1. Luv what you can do on your craft robo! You have come up with some very 'scrapable' items! Lovely LO! Nice to see purple used instead of the traditional Halloween colours!


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