Friday, 22 October 2010

That Friday Feeling!

Yay its the weekend!

I have been a very busy bunny today, manically crafting and spraying and sewing and sticking and folding and punching. I have had a very merry time. I can't show you the finished result though as its for a design team tryout, but I am very pleased with it.

So instead I thought I would show you my crochet progress. It is now 19 stripes (thats really 38 as each colour has two rows) long. Each coloured stripe takes between 2-3hours to complete and thats because it is over 4ft and a half feet long.

We are doing something a little different tonight, we are going to see Mad about Musicals which the local light opera company are putting on. Its amazing the things you agree to after a few vinos - nah only joking I'm a big fan of musicals and so is Les, poor Jason and Ray though its not very manly is it!!!!!

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