Saturday, 2 October 2010

Gossip Girl

We popped to The Range this afternoon and I picked up these packets of Vinyl cuts for 99p each (although now I am thinking they might be a mistake as I keep thinking 'black peel offs' arrghhh!) and some christmas papers for card making, quite sweet I thought! There is not much that interests me at The Range, but I do always manage to part with a bit of cash on this and that whenever I pop in.

I made this card when I got back, just a simple one, used my Martha Stewart Joy punch on it.
Thats the full extent of my craftyness this afternoon - not much to shout about :)

I am off out tonight with Nicky, I am supposed to be staying in but Nicky is at loose end and so Jason suggested that he would babysit, and really i'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Sometimes I do wonder what Nicky and I will talk about as we see each other so often, however Nicky was completely hammered (worse I have ever seen her, as she has a HIGH capacity) last night, so we will be able to have our conversations all over again, as she will never remember them! LMAO!!!! There was quite a bit of gossip flying around last night so I will be able to tell her it all over. I LOVE my nights out :)

One sad bit of news is that the landlords of our favourite pub (the one we had our reception in) are moving on to pastures new and they will be sadly missed.

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  1. I went to The Range this week and spent £40!! Bought loads of that Festive Frolics range for the girls to make cards.


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