Friday, 1 October 2010

I cut paper

I did! I haven't scrapped for almost 2 weeks, other things have gotten in the way, but today I decided I had to just get on with it and so a page was born!

I cut out the clouds with my Robo and used them as a mask for the sky. Its quite a simple LO but I think the mists really make it, I hope that I get better and keep on with mists as its quite a cute look! It was made reasonably fast for me at under 2 hours! I do like to faff.

I've not talked about my running on this blog lately, theres a reason for that - I have't done any!!been struck down with a recurring lurgy and just not felt like it in the slightest. Yesterday however I woke up feeling the best I have in ages, took the dog for a walk and really enjoyed it so decided that I was going to get back and go straight out for a run (my first in 3 weeks!)

First few mins were lush, then I got the most excrutiating pain in my head, ignored it and it got worse and worse and I had to go home, wereby I prompltly got a migraine and the rest of the day was a write-off! First ever failed run, and I went from feeling fantastic to lying prostrate on the bed not even being able to move my eye-balls! Pah!

To the pub tonight where I am actually considering not drinking - shock horror. Hope you all have fantastic weekends!


  1. And a good page it is too! Love the colours. Now if I could only get on and scrap too!

  2. So pleased you are ok. Beautiful page Emma. That mistings worked a treat.
    Have fun tonight xxx


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