Tuesday, 12 October 2010

I'm Alive!

I haven't blogged for a while, and thats part laziness and part busyness!

I've not done an awful lot of papercrafting this last week, but today I made this card at the request of my friend Mandy, for her to give to a friend of hers.

Any crafting last week was taken up with my new obsession of sock monkeys, here are the other ones that I made. I can safely say that I am all monkeyed out now and will not be making anymore for a little while (and I think a sock monster is next when I do feel the urge) I do still have the obsession of looking at stripey socks and I have bought far to many in the last week!

The weekend was a busy social one, on Saturday night we had it confirmed that the landlord of our favourite pub WERE leaving and not only that but that Sunday was their last day! We had our wedding reception there and go there every week to meet our friends, so on Sunday we had lunch at Alan and Nickys and then later in the afternoon made our way to the pub for farewell drinks. It was rather jolly and there was guitar playing and singing. Below is a fun pic (if a little blurry!) I was telling Les about my sock monkeys (she is a whizz with a sewing machine) and she couldn't picture it, so I took one in my handbag to show her. For some reason everyone was fascinated by his little sock heel bum!


  1. Glad you are ok. I miss your daily blogging : )
    Cute monkies xx

  2. Think I'm going to have to start making some monkeys for crimbo pressies! Love yours.

    At least you blog more than I do!!


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