Monday, 25 October 2010

My weekend

Nothing to show I'm afraid!

Have had a lovely busy weekend. Mad about Musicals was ermmmm intersting, the first half was appalling, far too much leaping about which detracted from the voices and the men in general could not sing!(bar one or two!) During the interval (3 of the 4 of us wanted to leave at this point, but 1 wanted to stay so we put up and kinda shut up!)I think the cast got a shot of vodka straight into their blood streams as it was thankfully much better (with their 'thriller' rendition very very good), although we did have a giggle at times and unfortunatley Les is a snorter so we couldn't hide it much! Thank god we were sat at the back!

Saturday we had a curry which left me with a grumbly tummy on Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon saw afternoon drinkies before home for a lovely roast dinner!

Today I have been stripping the walls in the hallway, the old fashioned way with water and as I had no scraper - a dinner knife! Still I got a lot done and Jessica has been an absolute star, she has walked the dog, and spent almost 2 hours scraping paper off the walls with loads of enthusiasm. She is such good company and so easy to have around at the moment, she always wants to be with me but in a lovely companiable way. We have pumpkin carving, scone making, christmas card making and unfortunatley a visit to the dentist planned this week as Jessicas back tooth has crumbled again.

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  1. Sounds abit like our week!! Garage cleaning, baking, crafting, freezer de frosting the freezer!! Hope you get it all done :)


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