Thursday, 14 October 2010

Goofy Goobers

Its one of those days today, a day to stay in and snuggle in wooly warmers and sit watching prison break (season 4) whilst drinking tea and crocheting. I intend to do that right after this blog post!

I've been having a little play with my craft robo this morning and I currently have a lot of lovely little cut outs drying off after a liberal application of Glossy Accents, they look so cute!

Anyhows, Ive had this LO on the go for over a week and just couldn't get it finished off, but hoorah today I did the finishing touches, its new for me in that its a 11.5x8.5 and its messy and cartoony, I rather like it for all its wobblyness and curled edgyness.

Well if you'll excuse me I am off to hibernate til school run time!

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