Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Butterflies and Reindeers

Oh dear I have been a very bad blogger, no excuses I can't even think whats filled my time, well I can but really it should have taken second fiddle to crafting!

On Sunday morning we took advantage of the extra hour and went to Ikea (in all honesty I used that extra hour about 3 times!!! - one to go to a late night pub, as I had an extra hour, one to sleep a bit longer, as I had an extra hour and one to make the trip to Ikea, as I had an extra hour) we ended up in bed at 8.20pm on Sunday night because we used that extra hour so much!

Anyway Ikea did what it always does and thats make you spend money on things you don't need but suddenly realise you can't live without, unfortunately I had to live without the cutest christmas wrapping paper ever as it was out of stock. Its the Kraft one and has red reindeers on, it was LOVELY! We left ikea over £100 poorer just from buying a mirror, a load of photo frames and bits and pieves.

On the subject of photo frames, we are currently decorating our hallway and I want to do a wall of frames, all different, in white, light wood and dark(ish) wood. Mostly I am going to fill the frames with black and white photos, but to break it up I am going to make a few home decor items myself - to that end, I made this.

You can see its very simply done with just some neutral backing paper and the butterflies that I made the other week. A proper 10 min project!

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