Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Making patterned paper

Today I decided to make some unique patterened paper of my own, its something we can all do with our supplies and it can be as subtle and delicate or as funky and bright as you prefer!

First off Stamp an image on a piece of white card - I choose a tree from My Little ShoeBox

On some seperate card stamp the image lots more times, you can use scrap card for this in any colour you like, you then cut the trees out being as careful as you can as these will be used for masks

In an old pizza box lay out your card and then layer the cut out trees on top of the stamped images, this will stop the ink in the next step touching the tree images

Using a spray mist spray evenly and from about 15cm above to deter blotches, then let the ink dry. DO NOT be tempted to remove the masks until the ink is dry, it doesn't take too long so just be patient.

remove the masks, don't throw them out, they can be used again!!

You are now left with a colourful background, and you simply colour in your trees as you like, you could add glitter or glossy accents, but you are left with a unique piece of paper for you card making or scrapbooking!

Possiblilites are endless, yes my finished result is bright and in your face, but with more delicate stamps and lighter mists you could have a really pretty delicate piece of paper.

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