Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Pumpkin Cat

This is the extent of any craftyness today, I got the shape from Silhouettes online store (although you can get templates free online, as I did a cool ghost one a couple of years back)

You then print the shape or cut it out and use it to trace on the pumpkin and then with a small sharp knife you cut around the shape. Its actually quite easy and fast the whole carving thing too under 10 minutes! We also have another pumpkin to carve tomorrow!

My two are looking a bit twin like today I think!

We've just got back from the dentist who has filled in Jessicas crumbled tooth, luckily it was the same one that went last year and not a new fresh one, so it was just a case of re fixing it! Its very strange my children having weak teeth that are prone to problems, as I at the grand age of 35 have never had any dental treatment apart from checkups - yup thats right, I have NO fillings no nothing! (much to my dentists disgust!)


  1. That is so cool Emma. We have an enormous pumpkin to crave at the weekend...and one to turn into scrummy soup.


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