Monday, 4 October 2010

Sydney the Sock Monkey and why I might be in for a telling off!

Meet Sydney, my first rude attempt at a sock monkey. I was blog hopping today and came accross this post here and loved the sock monkey Laura had made so I had to have a go myself, like, INSTANTLY!!! the turtorial Laura and I followed is here

Why am I going to get killed? Well I did not start out with these dayglo socks of Jessicas, I started with a lovely grey with multi coloured stripey sock, a sock that Jason had only bought this weekend, but I LOVED the sock and it would have made a brill sock monkey, unfortunatley I forgot to turn the sock inside out at the start so I buggered it up and his sock is ruined for no good reason now. I am going to have to cook a very nice tea tonight I think!


  1. So cute.
    Ade bought me a book on sock creatures for my birthday in Spring. I must make more ; )

  2. Hello Sydney!

    Hope Jason doesn't mind about his sock!

  3. Very cute!! Hope you are not in too much trouble! :)


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