Sunday, 17 October 2010

Outward Bound

I think I have probably had the quietest weekend I have had in years! Been feeling a bit groggy and queasy all week, no appetite one minute and starving hungry the next. So we stayed in all weekend and Jason did a bit of decorating while I sat on my backside and alternatively did not eat and then stuffed myself - Saturday nights fish and chips were divine and I polished them all off which is unheard of for me, I like my food but I can't eat loads in one go!

Today I ventured out to Argos to buy a Senseo coffee machine (I dont really drink coffee, but I fancied a new gadget and it was cheap ish) Kids love it and I think when I have got the adapter and the flavoured coffee off of ebay I will love it too! The pods that you buy for it are just too strong for me.

And then at 3pm I lifted my bum off the sofa with an urge to scrap, it was a slow start, and some stuff went in the bin and then it all fall into place and a layout was born! Yes more clouds, I just can't resist them and they seem to be something that fits an upper space very well!

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