Saturday, 22 May 2010

A Beautiful Saturday

Today is one of those very rare Saturdays, I don't have the kids and I don't have a hangover (yippee). Jason has just gone to work and won't be back til noon, so I might get a bit of scrapping in - this is almost unheard of on a Saturday morning!

We are thinking of spending the afternoon lazying in a pub by the river, which will be lovely, and then tomorrow we pick up the kids and head into town to pick up the last min bits and pieces for the wedding - namely Shoes for Joe, I did have to buy Jess shoes too, but then it struck me that she is the same size as me and I have hundreds of pairs of shoes, so I looked through my shoe stash and found a cute pair of silver ballet pumps I have never worn and so she is going to have those!

Last night was a bit butterfly tummyish in the pub as all our mates were there and there was lots of talk about the wedding and last min arrangements, like who is going who whos car, whats happening the night before, me pleading with Ray not to let Jason get drunk a: the night before and b: the day of the wedding. Ray was purposefuly winding me up, so I told the landlady to take his name of the guest list, I was just so tired last night (Jess was up with earache ALL the night before - she is miraculously fine now!) and I could not concentrate on the windups so I could really have lamped him one at one point!

On the night before, we are all going to decorate our venue early evening and then Les and hopefully Nicky (but she is a bit allergic to dogs) are coming back to mine, for weak wines (lemonade added) and pizza and Les is staying the night so that she can help out in the morning with taking me to the hairdressers and putting the dog in the kennel etc.

Oooo can you tell how excited I am getting!! I'm not sleeping too well at the moment as I am so hyped up (I struggle at Christmas too -I am such a kid!)

Anywho here is a lo I made a few weeks back (been keeping it for when I have nothing crafty to show)


  1. I don't blame you for sounding excited, it sounds great!! I hope you have a really lovely day and I'm looking forward to seeing the scrapped photos.
    Hannah :)

  2. Great page - *love* the title!! Thanks for pointing me to your use of the 'Donut' punch - makes complete sense to me now!


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