Saturday, 1 May 2010

oh god, I'm just so pleased

Totally self indulgent post, have to tell someone, so the blog will have to be it.

I am losing weight, I have been on this god damn diet for months and it been half a pound off half a pound on, and being lucky if I lose 1lb a month, its been so slow and for 4 months all I did was maintain. Then I put on a couple of lbs eeek.

So with 7 weeks til the wedding I went for one last final push, I did my beloved SW diet but I restricted my carbs, I cut out all added and most processed salt (water retention is not a prob of mine anymore since the salt ban - I am literallly weeing for England, if it was an olympic sport I would get the gold!)

I live on fruit, and blummin veggies (with small amounts of protein and a very small amount of starchy carbs), my appitite has dulled and I am not finding it too hard at all.

First off and quite quickly I lost the 2lbs I had put on, then another lb went, and this morning I weighed myself and another 2lb gone, that 5lbs in just under 3 weeks, this is UNHEARD of! I am beyond chuffed.

Last night I went out, and I looked slim, flat tummy and all, and it got noticed too! yay me!!!

I know its probably not good to be all braggy, but I have worked long and hard since August and its so nice to think that v v soon I will be a size 10 (I might even have done it after todays weigh in!)

ooo and my lovely punch and glimmer mist arrived this morning, so all in all today is shaping up good (oo shaping up - thats a pun!)


  1. Well done, that's great :)

  2. Well done Emma, that fantastic! xx

  3. Yeah, good for you. It's such a good feeling when the weight comes off isn't it

  4. oh well done Emma, sounds like all that hard work and perserverance is paying off. x

  5. Well done, I'm very impressed! I failed miserably at my pre-holiday diet!


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