Monday, 24 May 2010

5 more sleeps to go!

The title is to the tune of "5 men went to mow" Just so you know ;)

*posts may be a bit boring for you lot this week - but I wanna document the run up to the wedding*

So the weekend was lovely, we spent Saturday afternoon in the pub with various friends and I went home early to preserve my mind and my weight (that worked NOT, another lb on this week!) I came home to find that Bruno had chewed the arm of my glasses, I was not a happy bunny, but luckily I had them repaired very easily and free of charge on Sunday.

Sunday we bought the last bits and pieces, shoes, fake tan, fake nails, music cd for the ceremony, string and balloon pumps etc.

Yesterday afternoon was a complete write off as it was sooooo hot, 30 in my kitchen in the afternoon, and we were all feeling jaded and hot and bothered.

Today I was up with the lark for the first run of week 2 - boy did that hurt! I was seriously puffed out at the end of that let me tell you, but I completed it so thats something! I have also been doing some serious spring cleaning today, decluttering, scrubbing etc all in prep for the fact that people will be dropping in and out fri eve/sat morning.

And of course now the kids are home from school and are doing their utmost to trash the joint!

I have also been Ninja like with the fly spray today, one thing I hate about having the doors open is that we get so many buzzy divebombing flies, last year one tormented me for weeks - well I am prepared this time, and I have killed 2 of the little buggers today.

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