Sunday, 9 May 2010

The morning after


(me and my old mate Sophie)
(nice pic of Les on the old Hipsamatic)

(Les, me and Nicky in Las Iguanas)

*****Photos will not move, so most are stuck at beginning of the post, all awful photos as taken on iphone!********

Please just kill me now!
The whole 12 hours passed by in a flash, a flash of cocktails, mexicans, pirates, piggy backs, bob marley, at midnight I could have carried on I really could.

We met in our local wine bar at 12.30pm, and then caught the train into Bristol, where we met up with an old mate I've not seen for over 3 years! We promply started on coctails and we had 4 jugs of pimms and something to eat. Les bless her got over enthusiastic and was trying to get me to chat up some old bloke, I had to tell her that I would rather slit my throat then do anything like that with only 3 drinks in me!! (that makes me boring apparently!!)

We then went to catch the ferry, a ferry that never turned up - That made Nicky and I v pleased as it was absolutely FREEZING, we made suitable "oh dear what a pity" noises whilst cheering silently in our heads and off we went to Las Iguanas for pitchers of Iguana Wana and Long Island Iced tea.
(Me wearing a bob marley hat and dreadlock combo)

Before we knew it, it was time for the taxi for the evening bit, where I met my sister, who had decorated the table with balloons and table confetti. We had a nice meal (I think!) and drank lots more - at 9pm the entertainment started with the words "Wheres Emma?" I tried to crawl under the table I really did, but that was the start of a load of little challenges, amongst them I had to use a cheesy chat up line on a stranger, get a piggy back around the venue etc etc. Gone were all my hopes of a quiet sophisticated night. I also had all manner of balloons, banners and silly hats attached to me, I could hardly move at one point. Luckily the place we go to is in the middle of the sticks and its the sort of place you go to for an occassion, so there was another hen party there and a 50th Birthday, so no one minded the silliness. The entertainer was good, a mix of modern, old stuff and general craziness.

(Nicky and me done up like a dogs dinner)

Then the taxi home at midnight and now a stonker of a hangover.


  1. Sounds like you had a fun time!


  2. That sounds like great fun Emma, and the photos look great too! I'm amazed you are up and blogging already!!? xxx

  3. Sounds good fun, glad you enjoyed it

  4. Good luck with the ongoing recovery :) Glad you enjoyed it though xx

    Glad you had a good time xx

  6. Looks like you had a great time! Glad you went instead of cancelling it. Luv the photos and I see you've jumped into the Hipstamatic bandwagon. Some of the pictures taken are quite lovely!


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