Thursday, 20 May 2010

Chubby Chops

I'm quite pleased with this one, because I so rarely scrap Jason, I am just not a slushy person so I struggle for a title for him (unless the title was an insult and then I could think of plenty!!)

Originally this was going to be another one of Jessica, but once I started I realised that it didn't actually suit the photo at all, so I dug out this baby one of Jason and I think it goes well with the papers. Look at the chubby little thighs on him! No wonder he ended up an excellant footballer!!

Today is a bit of a breakthrough as I woke up and didn't ache, my legs are almost back to normal, and I am hoping that my muscles are excepting that they are gonna be used a lot more from now on!

And we are now in the single figures on the wedding countdown - 9 days- eeeekkk . Actually I can't wait!

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