Friday, 14 May 2010

Perfect Pals

Hello, how is everyone on this fine(ish) Friday? I am so glad its the weekend, tomorrow Jason and I are going for some lunch and then to the pub with friends to watch the FA Cup final. I HATE football with an absolute passion, but it should be a good fun afternoon as everyone is out for it and I need to blow off a bit of steam. We have to get up early tomorrow though as we have to go to Cheltenham first to visit my gran.

*photo taken off due to silly billy spelling mistake*

I started this LO yesterday, its my daughter and her best pal. Jessica had been showing Emily the scrapbooking I do (she was showing off about being in magazines - bless her) and Emily asked if I would do a LO with her in it. So I took a pic of them on Tuesday and this is the result.

I have a little appeal now - I am helping to set up a WI in Keynsham, its not a normal old lady cake baking WI its called WI The Next Generation and its for a younger audience. I have set up a blog and we have posters etc advertising it in the local area. We want to create a bit of a buzz and don't want anyone put off by thinking that the blog is too quiet. So with that in mind would some of you lovely ladies please follow the blog (only til after the launch late June, would be all). We want people to think that the blog and therefore the idea is buzzing and happening. Cheers me dears!!! The linky for the blog is:


  1. hun it's a gorgeous layout but you've missed the R out in Perfect :D :D

  2. Ah poo, I have as well!!! Shall take it down and try to edit it!


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