Sunday, 16 May 2010

Can you guess what it is yet?

My new hobby (to be!) that is?

I've been following this thread on UKScrappers for over a week now with more and more interest.

I am so sick of being unfit and having no stamina and for ages I have fancied giving running a try, so this has really encouraged me. I've just been out and bought some running shoes and a sports bra (why are they so expensive?) and some leggings and tshirts, and then tomorrow morning at 6.30am I am going to start this program:

I am keeping this a secret from my mates, one of which is a very good runner and another (her partner) is an ex UK Athletics coach (running coach specifically), so I really don't need them to know (in case I fail!)

The dream is that I will take to it and be some superfit, super toned running goddess this time next year!!

Wish me luck - I will need it!


  1. Well done Emma - go for it! Having recently started to do the same myself I am beginning to be thankful for sticking with it - it gets easier! xx

  2. Yeah! Go for it, I wish I was brave enough to give it a try I would love to be able to run but despite having 'all the gear' I just haven't done anything about it. Off to check out your links now though :)


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