Thursday, 6 May 2010

One of a kind

Ugghhh I have had one of those weeks, Yesterday was just a total write off, when I managed to get myself very upset about my hen do, basically everyone has either not got back to me (old friends) or cancelled this week. I know that everyone who cancelled had good reasons and I don't blame them at all (after all they have their own lifes), but when it happens over and over it gets upsetting. Yesterday was the last straw and when I got a "really sorry, can't make it" email from another person I just lost it and spent the WHOLE day crying, moping about and feeling generally very sorry for myself.

It doesn't help that I HATE having occasions and parties in my name as I am paranoid that this sort of thing will happen and well now it has. So there is a grand total of 3 - yes 3 of us going on this hen do now - the 2 left know how upset I am and I know that nothing short of food poisoning/flu will stop them coming and luckily they are my besties anyway!

This morning I was feeling a little more like my old self, was up and out voting this morning, I am keeping my fingers crossed for the result that I want, I think that this country could be in serious shit if it goes the other way!

Then shopping for melons, yes melons, I am eating them like sweets at the mo - bit addicted too. Typically I wanted to buy 2 and then spent the walk to the bus worried that everyone was sniggering at me and thinking in their heads "lovely pair of melons she's got there"

And then finally this, i've not scrapped in about a week, not wanted too, had no desire, no mojo and generally just felt very overstretched and grumpy, but today I did this, and I likes it I does!

And just to make the day a little bit better, I've had another LO accepted for Book 3 of Scrapbook Inspirations Ideas Book - I think you get a comp copy of the book when you contribute, so thats 2 in a row now, which at 9.99 is happy savings!


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better today. Fab LO and well done on getting another LO accepted to SI

  2. Oh Emma, I'm sure you will have a lovely time at your hen do - you can always invite some of us along to boost numbers :)
    This LO is fabby - love all the layering! xx

  3. Congrats on having your LO selected! Lovely LO! Just enjoy your hen nite and dun worry so much!


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