Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Out of the funk

I've been in a bit of a funk the last week or two, a bit depressed a bit stuck on the sofa and definately not in a scrapping mood. Today despite poor sleep I have actually managed to acheive things, I have ironed, I have done the bit of work for the WI that I promised, inc designing a poster (if I could only work out how to change it to jpeg, it would be even better) and finally finally I have scrapped

Nothing earth shattering, but finally a finished LO that I can say "I made that" too. And I got to use my crest border punch that I bought nearly 2 weeks ago, and was unused and feeling unloved.

Now I just really wish the wedding would hurry up and arrive, I have so many things to do still but they are all last minute things, things that have definate dates attached to them and that I can't do anything until that date - frankly it is doing my swede in, I would like to decorate my venue today, I want my hair cut now, I want to buy the childrens footwear (and mine) and my little bag that I have realised I will need. I want to buy my flowers and make the posy and the button holes. Most importantly I want to wear my dress and look all lovely and special! (and of course say my vows ;) But come on - its all about the dress ;)


  1. Lovely LO Emma. Nice punch. I received 2 today.
    You get to that stage don't you, when you just want the day to arrive. How long now?

  2. Love the LO, the crest border punch looks great, is it EK success? All sounds exciting about your wedding, can't wait to see the pages you do about your day, not long now is it?


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