Wednesday, 26 May 2010

3 Days to go

I'm pretty much up to speed with where I want to be this week, massive spring clean is on target, now I just have to convince the kids to keep it that way (hmmm yeah right!) So today I thought I would finish of this LO that I started yesterday. Originally this was going to be all about the pre wedding blues I have had (no not cold feet at all, just impatience and wanting the big day to be here) and hence all the blues!! But today I am obviously in a better frame of mind and its changed to being all happy and positive - yay!

In more mundane everyday news, our fridge is on the blink, its been unhappy for some time now, but its finally given up and I can't tell you how many times this week I have had lumpy milk (bleuuughh) - we have one on order but they wanted to deliver it on Saturday (things to do perhaps on that day??) so now we have to wait til next wednesday, at least it gives me an excuse to save money on the food shop this week.

Running is going well, this week has felt really tricky, but I am on target and I am now defiantley find it is helping my energy levels, I can't seem to sit still at the moment!


  1. cute lo, good luck for the big day xx

  2. Lovely LO, it's interesting to hear how the page mood changed from yesterday to today. Good luck for Saturday.:)

  3. Gorgeous LO! I can't believe how quickly your big weekend rolled around. Wishing you lots of luck and happy vibes for an amazing day x

  4. And now just 2 more sleeps to go.
    Love that LO. So different from what you usually do.

  5. Beautiful layout and hope you have a perfect day on Saturday! :)

  6. Hi Emma
    Love your blog and all your beautiful layouts.
    Good luck for the big day.

  7. Lovely layout, hope you have a fabulous day on Saturday :oD

  8. Ooooh love that LO, how fab being able to document your thoughts straight away. Good luck for the weekend, and most of all- Enjoy! xxx


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