Thursday, 29 April 2010

Cuddly Cat

To bring the tone of my blog back up a notch or two after yesterdays post, here is what I completed today - you're going to have to excuse the poor photo quality and wonky camera work I'm afraid!

The good news is that Jason found my memory stick yesterday (major yay) - I had purposely put off looking for it as I was worried about the stress when I couldn't find it. It was in the other pc's USB port and amazingly that is somewhere I would never have thought to look!

The bad news is that our desktop PC has ANOTHER virus and this time there is nothing for it but to set it back to factory settings. that is 3 virus in 3 weeks now - I am beginning to lose all sense of humour on pc/laptop matters. Today I tried to set it back to factory settings and it wasn't playing ball. Therefore I am burying my head in the sand and NOT DEALING with it, I am not coping well with stress at the moment and so I am avoiding stressful situations like PC Viruses - the bloody thing can damn well stay switched off until I feel like I can cope again.

I am looking forward to a lovely social weekend, a few drinks (all saved up with my slimming world syns, slimming world is incidently going v well) and a lot of laughs, might help me chill out a bit! I need to chill out, I am turning into a stress head and I don't like it!

To cheer me up I have just purchased another EK Success border punch (bracket) and a bottle of black glimmer mist, I am hoping to get into the grungy painty splatter side of glimmer mists, aren't they expensive though? wowsers!


  1. Oh I think I NEED that punch - off to look for it. A sweet LO, do you use a circle temlate. I really want to use more circles on my LOs but not sure of the best way of doing it.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Love the LO
    Hope you have a stress free weekend
    x Tracee

  3. Love the LO, the colours are fab! And the punch is yummy too!


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