Thursday, 8 October 2009


1975 the year I was born. I've had this photo for ages, and never done anything with it as its such poor quality, and this is a version thats been scanned and 'fixed' and its still rubbish lol. Anyhow its a pic I love as its me as a baby with my granny and grandad. My gran is still alive and is 94 and now lives in Sheltered Accommodation, she is fading fast unfortunately and has been in and out of hospital this past 9 months.

But this Lo is about my Grandad, he was a lovely man and I adored him, He died when I was 11 but I still remember how I used to do everything with him, I caused him great trauma one year when I sneaked into his greenhouse and took a bite out of every single one of his beloved tomatoes, but he never shouted although he must have been very cross. We used to watch the wrestling together on a Saturday afternoon, he loved wrestling, I was always trying to get his attention and he would cup his ear with his hand and say "hark" and I would be quiet, and let him watch a bit more! One other thing I remember is that when he was asked if he wanted seconds on pudding he would alway say "Just a sensation" for years I though he was saying "Just an alsatian" I always thought that was very strange!

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