Thursday, 8 October 2009

Tom and La-La

Busy day so far. Had another driving lesson today, my first in over 2 weeks so I was expecting it to be a disaster, but no, it was great, just felt really confident driving around, got my head around the gears and speeds and was moving up and down the gears really confidently. Did a 3 point turn, getting better at those and then did a stretch of dual carriageway, got up to the high 60's in speed and over took some cars too! As we were pulling on to the dual carriageway there is a busy roundabout, when I saw my gap out I came, Jason told me to do it fast, so off I went. Jason was laughing cos white van man to my side was struggling to keep up and I zoomed into my lane much faster than him, Jason said that must have been very embarrasing for the driver as he had 2 other passengers and me a learner had got out and going so much faster than him!
Loved my lesson today, given me some confidence, and I only got the shakes twice and only mildly! I think it helps that I have finally sorted out my seat position and now my legs don't ache and cramp up.

Got home and my Scrapbook Nook kit arrived (not the September one, that is STILL missing) now its all graphic 45 papers NOT my thing at all! But I have some retro photos to scrap so I got going on it, and I am REALLY pleased with it, have felt like my scrapping has been crappy lately, nothing that I loved, all just really mediocre shite. But this LO pleases me, I hate the papers, have never scrapped outside my immediate family but it seems to have worked well. One thing though, I'm boring myself with the old strip journaling I really am. MUST JOURNAL ANOTHER WAY!

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  1. hey, if you dun like Graphic 45, I'll take it off you (sell them to me) the next time I see you! Luv their papers! Still you did a great job using their papers.


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