Friday, 30 October 2009

Quick Update

I haven't fallen of the planet really. Had a lovely but busy weekend, the kids were at Butlins with their dad, so Jason and I did the usual, lots of socialising, we had lunch out on Sunday and met up with loads of mates and generally had a lovely boozy time of it! We even had chinese snacks (from the chinese over the road) in the pub! (nice landlords, let us do that from time to time)

I woke on Monday to no hangover which was a minor miracle, then got the news that Jessica had a bug and they were on their way home. Poor Jess she was sick 4 times on the journey home, so I spent all afternoon nursing her, trying to get fluids into her and sitting with her as she was a bit clingy.
Tuesday I awoke to feeling like I had a head cold, Jess spent all day in her jammies and we did nothing. Jess fully recovered by Wednesday, me worse. Today I feel on the road to recovery, I have just left the house for the first time since Sunday (I have been so bored cooped up!) to walk the dog, but thats about finished me off! I also have no appetite but am trying to stick to my diet which means I have to eat a certain amount, I know it sounds like madness but since I upped my food intake, the weight has really shifted!

No crafting (well a very small little amount) but nothing finished so nothing to show you! This week must have been my most unproductive since I started scrapping proper in March! I miss it, I desperately want to do it, but I am too knackered!!! I HATE my low immune system.

Strange pic but its of one of the fields that we walk the dog in, they are building on these fields very soon and we will miss them, poor Bruno is used to being let off the lead daily and he will be most put out when this place goes! Just after this pic was taken it hammered down and we got very wet!

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  1. Sorry to hear you've been unwell (and Jessica). Hope you do some scrapping soon! x


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