Thursday, 15 October 2009

A Layout and a Card

It was a toss up this morning, a mound of ironing or crafting. Crafting won and by 9.15 I was sat and ready to start. I was doing a bit of blog hopping and saw a fantastic Layout on this blog I thought I would have a go at a scraplift (something I have never done before fully) So heres my take:

In real life I really like it, but its not looking well photographed which is a shame. I didn't feel much sense of satisfaction copying it so I changed some elements. There are parts of this LO that I really like and will be using again.

This afternoon I was a little bored so I sat down and played and made this card. Not made a card for ages and ages and I am quite pleased with it, god knows who I will give it to, might have to wait for Valentines day as thats not a sentiment I would give a mate!!!

Now I have to go and clear up my scrappy mess and think about tea, oh and get the kids in, I made them promise that they would come in if it started to rain, its been raining for 10 mins and no sight of them!
And the mound of ironing sits silently mocking me.....


  1. Awesome LO Emma, and such a cute card!

  2. That is one heck of a tweetering card. Luv it! Lovely LO too!

  3. aww lovely card Em and that layout is yummy xx


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