Wednesday, 14 October 2009


After what seems like (and has actually been) ages, my two Layouts have made it in print for Scrapbook Inspirations magazine. Here they are in the magazine, although I am sure most of you have it at home by now anyway (UK) but indulge me in being a bit excited, I have 2 more LO's going in, in the next 2 issues, but after this I won't mention it again lol.

Had a quiet morning and after a bit of extremely boring housework that I have been putting off for ages (sorting out the underwear basket) I sat down to make. I've deviated from my style for a while and although I like what I have done, its not really been me at my best. Today I went back to white space (I love you white space) and made this:

The glasses were cut on my pal CR, took me a while to find a suitable gsd file, but I found it on this site: its french but its pretty self explanatory

I know I've said it before, but I am going to try to stop hankering over all these lovely messy over embellished Layouts that see, and then want to re-create. I can't over embellish, I prefer to mess with paper and that is that. For today anyway lol. Embrace the clean and simple.


  1. Love these Emma, and congrats for getting published - it's a great feeling isn't it! xxx

  2. Emma well done on your layouts in mag and i love the glasses lo very much ,clean simple .

  3. Congrats on being published! It does give you a thrill isn't it seeing it in print! Luv your glass LO... lovely colour combo!


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