Monday, 19 October 2009

All set for christmas

Settle down! I am NOT all set for christmas, in fact I am burying my head in that sand about that particular holiday.

However with a cute photo of Bruno all done up like a dogs dinner, I had to scrap it so here it is, this is my fav lo in WEEKS. I know I shouldn't chuckle at my own jokes, but check out the little journaling strip under the word 'christmas' This LO was done based on the latest sketch at 52 weeks.

I lost a bit of sleep last night, I have had words with my ex's wife. On the whole we get on very well but I have felt increasingly nagged by her over the last couple of years, she texts me a LOT and has to be involved in everything (think control freak) This weekend I snapped and told Mark to tell her to back off, shes not long has a baby and since then has been unbearable with the texts and expecting far too much from Joe and Jess, I understand, in fact I am so bloody understanding, I have always stood up for her when the kids moan etc and can really see it from her point of view, so when in an email mark asked me to see it from her point of view, steam came out of my ears, I can't see it from her pov any more strongly, but really if she has issues with the kids, raise them with her husband not me, if Jason were to text Mark everytime he had and issue, Mark would soon get fed up of it!

Anyway I am Sooooo looking forward to her picking the kids up on Friday afternoon, that is going to be fun!

Last night was the finale of Harpers Island, it was FANTASTIC, but it was a one off programme, so thats it now, I will miss it! And I was right all along about the killer!


  1. Absolutely fab! Love the journalling and the different fonts - brilliant!

  2. Cool LO Emma.
    I'm missing H.I too : (
    Sunday evenings just won't be the same anymore.
    Sorry to hear the news on the ex's wife. Hope it's sorted soon.

  3. Ha Ha, Love this Emma - very funny. Bruno is such a star! Don't stress too much about the ex - she's probably just feeling all post baby and jealous of your being happy. Get her to start scrapping to learn to chill out!! xx

  4. Totally sympathise with you regarding ex's wife! What goes on in that house is between her and your ex, not you. Hope you are able to sort it out with her!
    A lovely Xmassy LO. I need to do mine... I take so much photos but I just don't do anything with them!


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