Thursday, 22 October 2009

The SHAME of it!

Jason got his brand new Hyundai i20 today, after about 15 weeks of it being on order, and a few delays.

He was very excited when he got home at 7.30 and so we all dutifly put our shoes on and went to have a look. All of us bar Jason were in our pj's. Jason asked if we wanted a trip round the block in it, so off we went in our PJ's!!!! I was praying we wouldn't break down lol

On the way back I had a go, which involved me walking in the street to get in the drivers side in my pj's lol (no-one was about!)

I like it, it looks impressive, but I don't like the handbrake (I couldn't move it!) 1st gear felt stiff and in Jasons old car it had a massive digital speedometer, which was much better. Just a case of getting used to it I think! It wasnt until we pulled up on the drive that I realised that it was the first time I had ever driven in the dark!

Have done absolutely nothing crafty today, have spent all day moping the kitchen floor, or it seems like it. Kids, playing out, rain and my kitchen floor DO NOT mix! I said to Jess "Please try not to get your boots too muddy" she could not have come back in more covered in mud!

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  1. It takes a while to get used to a new car, the gears etc. Congrats for having your LO chosen at Twisted Sketch.


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