Friday, 16 October 2009

Another card and a parcel

I love parcels I do, they make me happy. This one arrived before 7.30am this morning and was waiting for me in the porch. Its full of thickers that were reduced in price (quite nicely reduced too!) and I couldn't resist. There was one full price pack missing though, so I hope they respond to my email soon and sort it out. Here they are in all their lovely thickeryness. I like white ones as you can colour them any colour to match!

Busy morning, I have cleaned, ironed and made this card. Its for my sister who recently moved into a house from her little flat. We are going visiting tommorrow, so I thought I would make her this - I don't promise cards anymore as I find it a chore if people expect them.

And a little message to my daughters school - we parents can do maths! They charge 20p a day for a piece of fruit. On Fridays they have LOADS left over so they sell the parents bags of fruit for 50p a bag. Last week I bought a bag of pears, that were not anywhere near past their best (and yummy they were too) in the bag were 10 pears. Thats 5p a pear. So this week I am buying loads and will make a 75% reduction on what they want to charge daily!!! And whilst we are at it daughters school - 6 texts a day? really? is that really really necessary? You are doing my head in!
Tra la la


  1. That is one gorgeous card! Luv it!

  2. What a lovely parcel, I think I missed out on that offer too! Bugger!
    I wish my parcel would hurry up and arrive it was due on Tuesday!! xx

  3. Just a few thickers there! I got some too a couple of weeks ago. Cute card too x

  4. Blimey girlie, that's one major stock up.
    I love the way you write. You always manage to make me laugh xx


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