Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Just come back from Parents Evening which was a joke, I sat down, they asked how I thought Jessica was getting on, I said ok and they said "yup, thats it really"! Seriously they had nothing to say and if I hadn't of asked a few questions they would have said nothing else. Bit bemused by it really. In and out in 2 mins!

Got a call yesterday that went like this:

Woman: "Hi i'm from sky, just checking that your sky box is working ok?
Me: "I don't have a sky box"
and then she hung up on me, seriously I was bloody incensed, how rude can you get, no "sorry to bother you" she just hung up. It really made my blood boil.

Had another driving lesson today, the last 2 have been a bit hit and miss, I know how to drive now so its just practising and ironing out silly mistakes, which I have been making a few of. Its a shame cos when I do it well I really do it well and then I make a mistake and thats it. Did Bay parking today along with it seems every other learner in Keynsham, the car park was full of learners!

Managed a bit of scrapping the last 2 days, done these 2 LO's, neither has photographed very well which is a shame as they look so much nicer in real life.

That is all, except I am sure a Bristol Balloons hot air balloon is following me! It's not doing a good job of being incognito!!!!

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