Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Sparked Out

Did this today for the challenge at not a fantastic photo, it looks a bit blurry and dull as its impossible to get outside with all the rain. The twist was to use ink (easy peasy) I took it a little too literally and managed to smudge red ink over the white cardstock - not best pleased!

I've had no power for 2.5 hours, just me, everyone else in the street is fine :( the flaming trip switch had gone, and nothing was convincing it to 'trip' back, then after about 20 trillionty goes it worked - hurrah! the house was starting to get cold, and I was haveing visions of having to spend all night batch cooking the contents of the freezer!

Kids break up today for half term and Jess doesn't go back til the Tuesday 2 weeks following - half bloody term its supposed to be not bloody christmas! At least it means lots of lovely lie-ins.


  1. Luv that colour combo!

    Mine break up this Fri. Can't wait for the lie-ins too! LOL! But your half term seem rather long!

  2. Great page, love it!
    Simona - Twisted Sister


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