Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Boiling Hot and the Hunt for White Trousers

It probably wasn't the smartest idea to go clothes shopping on the hottest day of the year, but on the plus side the shops were very quiet.

I really really needed some new white trousers, I live in them in the summer time, but I have put on 2 dress sizes since last summer, and even the most forgiving of my current trousers were complaining a bit.

Its always hard to confront the fact that you need to go up a size, it never pleases me, but there did not seem to be a lot of shops stocking white trousers this year, nothing that suited me anyway, eventually my sister suggested M&S so off we slugged there. And I found 2 pairs, so comfy (one even has an elasticated back of the waist jobbie, but please do not tell anyone that, I can cope with being a size 14 but do not want people to know I have elasticated waists on! lol)

I am now in one of the pairs, and they are so comfy and cool and I think I may very well live in them all year round! So its M&S now for white trousers as they were a bargain 15 squid each!!!! Also popped into good old primark to pick up a tshirt that I have and like and wanted another colour, and that was 1 pound when I got to the till, can't knock it!

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